Bow Wow on altercation with ex ‘I shouldn’t have been locked up’

Earlier this year, Bow Wow made headlines when report of him assaulting his then-girlfriend, Kiyomi Leslie, during the Super Bowl weekend hit the internet. The rapper and actor has now broken his silence on the infamous incident during a recent interview on Real 92.3 L.A.’s “Big Boy’s Neighborhood”.

Insisting his innocence, Bow Wow explained, “First of all, I shouldn’t have been locked up period. The pictures, you saw that. The pictures say it all. Not to put the blame on her or put the blame on me.” The 32-year-old was referring to a mugshot of him with his face scratched from the fight. When asked to give an update on the case, he answered, “It’s still pending, it’s still open, still out on bail.”

“When I was in that cell it was a life-changing moment for me,” he continued saying. “I felt as far as my own self, I needed that. I needed that moment to think, to understand who I was.”

Bow Wow and Leslie were arrested and charged with battery after cops were unable to determine who started the altercation, which reportedly stemmed from jealousy. The then-couple was blaming each other, with the reality TV star claiming that he hit her on the head and pulled her by her hair. For his part, Bow Wow accused Leslie of throwing a nightstand lap at him, biting and spitting on him.

“The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” star was released a day following his arrest after posting a $8,000 bond.

Back to his interview on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood”, Bow Wow also got candid about his battle with depression. “I was depressed. I was going through it. I wanted to tell people you can have the most money in the world and it don’t really heal you,” the “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” star said. “I was going through a lot last year. Not even career-wise. I was going through a lot of things personally.”

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