Amy and Sheldon

The Big Bang Theory fans in tears as Sheldon sings Sweet Kitty for what may be the very last time

Suddenly the end of The Big Bang Theory feels very real as Sheldon and Amy may have shared their last rendition of Sweet Kitty. The tune has become the go-to lullaby of Sheldon’s (played by Jim Parsons) and subsequently a favourite regular among The Big Bang Theory fandom, but during The Inspiration Deprivation – which also saw the return of Regina King, fresh from her Oscar – it hit us all that the tender scene may have been the first of many lasts.

While Amy (Mayim Bialik) was panicking that she’s been letting everyone down in her bid to win a Nobel Prize, Sheldon serenaded his wife with the musical interlude to calm her down.

It was the first time Sheldon sang for Amy, but fans have become familiar with the song which reminds us that he does have a little empathy in there somewhere. And viewers could do with some of Sheldon’s comforting dulcet tones as they mourned the end of an era:

Among those in desperate need of some Sweet Kitty is Penny star Kaley Cuoco who revealed another behind-the-scenes snap of one of the final last ever recordings of The Big Bang Theory.

‘TONIGHT don’t miss an all new ep @bigbangtheory_cbs ! only a few curtain calls left!! Cue tears!!!’ she wrote and we hear her. The Big Bang Theory is coming to an end after 12 seasons, and Kaley’s co-star Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard, revealed a show first with a look at the sitcom’s writers’ room.

Posing for a group shot with the brains behind TBBT’s scripts, he wrote: ‘The illustrious @bigbangtheory_cbs Writer’s Room, where (at least) 278 stories have been imagined and built by the incredible minds of (L-R) @goetech @billprady #andygordon #mariaferrari.’

He added the sad detail: ‘Note the empty white board behind us as there are no longer any future episodes to discuss. A first in 12 years.’

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