Lenard and Penny

How it all ends for Penny and Leonard in the final season trailer of BBT

In the trailer for next week’s The Big Bang Theory, titled The Decision Reverberation, Leonard (played by Johnny Galecki) reveals he’s thinking about quitting his job at the university.

But that’s not all…

‘There are plenty of other universities across the world,’ he casually tells Penny (Kaley Cuoco), who quite rightly is a little miffed that her husband is planning on moving them to the other side of the planet – no questions asked.

So is this how it all ends? Penny and Leonard are going to abandon their pals for a new life in a new country? The door’s always open here in the UK….

During last night’s The Big Bang Theory, fans mourned the first of many lasts as they heard Sheldon sing Sweet Kitty for the very final time.

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