Cardi B in court

Cardi B rejects plea deal and headed to trial in strip club assault case

Cardi B was in court in Queens, NY today where she rejected a plea deal in her strip club assault case.

The deal would have called for Cardi to plead guilty to misdemeanor assault in the third degree. Cardi would not have done jail time and she would have been given certain conditions that if met, would have dismissed the case.

A trial date was set for next month.

The rapper is facing charges of assault and reckless endangerment following an incident where she was allegedly involved in a fight in a strip club.

Back in August 2018, two sisters claim they were attacked while working at the Angels strip club in New York City. The girls allege the fight was over an alleged sexual encounter with Cardi’s ex, Offset.

They claim someone from Cardi B’s entourage assaulted them by throwing bottles and chairs, and so they filed a lawsuit against the “Taki Taki” star for damages.

Cardi was booked at a Queens police station back in October.

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