Rihanna is reportedly kissing a female friend at party

Is Rihanna cheating on Hassan Jameel? A new report suggests that the “Only Girl (in the World)” songstress is seen getting cozy with a female companion while partying at the exclusive London’s hot spot Chiltern Firehouse.

According The Sun (via MTO News), the Barbadian star was spotted having the time of her life with her entourage, though her Saudi Arabian businessman boyfriend was nowhere to be seen. However, their night wasn’t exactly smooth sailing as it was said that one rude partygoer stole food from the singer’s table.

“Rihanna went all out ordering platters and platters of oysters for her entourage. One lad, who was drunk, bowled over to her table and pinched one, thinking it would be hilarious,” stated the magz. “He passed it over to one of his mates, who was oblivious it came from Rihanna’s table.”

However, Rihanna’s entourage wouldn’t let the man have the last laugh. “After downing it, they carried on drinking,” one of Rihanna’s crew members demanded them to pay £250 for a new platter “because he had ruined theirs.” With that, the man was forced to pull out his credit card.

Despite the ruckus, Rihanna was reportedly not bothered at all. The “Umbrella” hitmaker was seemingly putting her focus solely on a female friend, with whom she was seen later on at the party.

It remains to be seen if they have romantic relationship or it was simply friends who were fooling around together.

It arrives after Rihanna got her fans excited by hinting that she’s going to get engaged to her boyfriend soon with her recent Instagram activity. She “liked” a video featuring E! News’ Morgan Stewart discussing Rihanna’s relationship with Hassan. In the clip, Morgan speculated about the 31-year-old beauty’s future with the Saudi Arabian businessman.

“Do I think Rihanna is worthy of somebody who has a billion dollars? Yes I do,” Morgan said in an episode of E! News’ YouTube series “Necessary Realness”. “I think ‘Is he worthy of her?’ is the question. It’s what’s on everyone’s mind.”

Morgan continued, “If I was a betting woman and I had to give my opinion about this, I would think Rihanna is going to go the long haul with this guy. I see an engagement and I also see a baby, probably.” She added, “Not yet, ’cause she still wants to smoke a cigarette once in a while, but [I] definitely see an engagement and then baby in like two years.”

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