Markus Myrie shares why he disrespected his dad

Markus Myrie is finally sharing the reason why he disrespected his father Buju Banton on social media last month.

Markus blasted the Grammy-winning Reggae singer during a shocking Instagram story rant. He subsequently filed a police report against him at the Constant Spring police regarding an altercation at Gargamel Music Studios in St Andrew.

The Dancehall producer gave fans the opportunity to ask him questions via his Instagram story earlier this week and the topic about his recent fallout with the “Wanna Be Loved” singer came up.

“Why did you disrespect your father?,” one fan asked, to which Markus Myrie responded, “Apart from my father he is a human being, he’s not God and i’m a human being i’m not perfect.”

“So all you Jamaicans and all you people who act like artiste’s are heroes and can’t do anything wrong, i want an artiste to murder one of you family member and see if you still worship them like an idiot,” he continued.

Watch Markus Myrie video below.

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