Spice speaks on getting spicy DM’s from Nicki Minaj & Amara La Negra

Spice stopped by BET recently to share what really goes down in her Instagram direct messages.

The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star spoke about the daily messages she receives from men wanting to date her daily and also supportive DMs from Amara La Negra.

However the Queen of Dancehall revealed that her spiciest DM ever came from her idol, Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj.

“You know to be honest my spiciest DM would be the one that came from Nicki Minaj,” Spice told BET. “I like her as an artiste, and I look up to her, I’ve been rocking with her for years now, and I like her style, everything about her. Then one day she got up on Instagram, and she posted me, she posted my video, and she tagged me and was like ‘oh Spice official sick.’ She wrote this long speech about me that she thought I was very lyrical and she loved the song, and you know just bigging me up and congratulating me.”

Spice said she then sent Nicki Minaj a DM and told her thanks for the message that she wrote. “She responded, and you know was very encouraging and nice and sweet, and you know someone you look up to just woke up one day and posted you on the Gram and showing you love, so for me that was spicy,” she continued.

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