Nelly is spared from U.K. sexual assault charges

Rapper Nelly has reportedly escaped sexual assault charges in the U.K. because his accuser has stopped co-operating with police officials.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Nelly has been informed that Essex cops will not be taking any further action against him at this time, but if new information becomes available, the case could be reexamined in the future.

The unnamed accuser’s attorney, Karen Koehler, tells the news outlet, “We told the Essex police we would no longer participate in their shoddy investigation and shifted our focus to the federal lawsuit, where we will wait on the judge to decide that outcome.”

The accuser filed a lawsuit as Jane Doe in November (18).

She has accused Nelly of masturbating in front of her and forcing his penis in her mouth after one of his U.K. concerts in 2017.

The plaintiff previously took aim at Essex Police bosses, accusing them of treating her like a suspect instead of a victim.

Nelly maintains the woman’s story is bogus, while his legal team slammed the accuser for refusing to work with the police.

The rapper said, “I have remained quiet and haven’t said anything or done anything other than fully co-operate on every level of the investigation to allow law enforcement to do whatever they need to get to the bottom of these accusations.”

“In spite of my complete co-operation, this same lawyer in both cases against me, is claiming the police in two different countries ‘won’t help her clients’, ‘are incompetent’ and is consistently painting a picture that I am ‘bullying the police’ in two different countries to not do their job.”

The lawyer also represented Monique Green, who accused Nelly of rape following an alleged incident on his tour bus in 2017. That case was settled last year.

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