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50 Cent calls Wendy Williams ‘crack head’ following her relapse

It seems like 50 Cent has zero sympathy for longtime nemesis Wendy Williams amid her personal turmoil. The rapper didn’t hold back when he took a jab at “The Wendy Williams Show” host on Instagram after the latter opened up about her struggle with addition.

“I knew something was up with this b***h,” 50 Cent wrote on his Instagram account alongside a photo of Wendy looking messy with a message that reads, “Dear Wendy, we are praying for a speedy recovery on your drug addiction.”

“it was the drugs. She better not talk about me, then go to the rehab every day Crack Head. get the strap #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac,” the rapper concluded. Fiddy then added, “It wasn’t Crack it was cocaine, fool cocaine is Crack.”

While Wendy has yet to respond on 50 Cent’s diss at her since she’s taking a week-long hiatus from her show, a source close to the 54-year-old TV personality said to HollywoodLife.com, “These are cheap shots at Wendy.” The insider continued saying, “It’s totally wrong to laugh and poke at people dealing with addiction.”

Several fans also shared the same sentiment as one wrote in the comment section, “Damn my dude your post get lower and lower. I once had respect for the way you moved in business now you seem to be just clout chasing like these young heads.” The fan continued saying, “I’m sure you don’t give a damn about my opinion but the less music you put out the more you gossip. You seem to have attacked every person you’ve ever dealt with.”

Another fan chimmed in, “I may be mistaken but didn’t you sell drugs when you were younger ?”

Wendy and 50 Cent’s feud started back in September 2017. It was when Wendy said on her show that the rapper needed to “get a life” after he joked about having a “child support release party” after his estranged son, Marquise, turned 21. Hitting back at the daytime TV star, 50 Cent shared an unflattering photograph of Wendy in a black bikini. “Wendy Williams just told me to get my life together, smh. Your husband is not a bad man. he deserve[s] a side chick for talking to you, you ugly motherfer. Focus on your own s**t bh,” he wrote.

Wendy is currently living in a sober house as she’s battling her addiction. She recently was said to be found drunk after it was reported that her husband Kevin Hunter’s mistress gave birth to their first child together.

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