Chris Brown, Nick Cannon & Rihanna

No flirting with Rihanna!

Nick Cannon recently left many people’s jaws drop after he left a flirty comment on Rihanna’s sexy picture. In the image that is taken from her new Fenty campaign, the Barbadian beauty wore a skimpy gold dress that showed off her curves. Not too shy to admit that he’s lusting over the 31-year-old star, Nick commented on the shot, “I never wanted to be a dress before this moment in life! #QueenFlex.”

Rihanna has not publicly responded to Nick’s flirty comment, but one person has been reportedly left upset by Nick’s move. Her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown is unhappy that Nick, whom he considers his friend, was trying to hit on his ex.

“Chris feels disrespected by Nick flirting with Rihanna online,” a source tells of Chris’ reaction. “Chris is shook and does not want even want to think about his ex-girlfriend dating a player like Nick.”

The 29-year-old R&B star is “annoyed” that Nick violated the bro-code by trying to hit on his ex-girlfriend. The source adds, “He thought they were better friends than that, he’s annoyed Nick would try to slide into Rihanna’s comments like that. Nick crossed the line for sure.”

“Chris will probably let it go, he’s matured a lot,” the so-called insider continues. “But still Nick’s comments hit a nerve. It’s another reminder to Chris that he never got over Rihanna, cause when he saw the comment, it bothered him.”

Chris himself has made it known that he’s still lurking on Rihanna’s social media following their second breakup in 2013. A source tells, “He has never stopped wanting her and his attraction to her has gotten stronger since they have been apart.”

In November 2018, the “With You” hitmaker left flushed faced emojis in the comment of the “Umbrella” songstress’ pic of her wearing a red lingerie. His action enraged RiRi’s fans, who demanded Chris stay away from the singer.

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