Spotlight wants to marry Macka

Chances are that Jamaica might see another entertainment couple tie the knot soon.

Speculations about a possible wedding are now rife after dancehall artiste Spotlight uploaded a video of himself singing and dedicating a few lines of Yellowman’s I’m Getting Married In The Morning to his beau Macka Diamond.

According to Spotlight, although the relationship with Macka has been rocky in recent times, he believes that she is one of the ‘purest souls’ he has ever encountered.

“All I can tell you, Miss Reporter, is to get your dress ready because I have a lot of good things in store for Macka. She is someone who I really care about. Not one day mi nuh sleep or feed myself properly from we argue because is like the sunlight nuh deh deh no more. Mi have to admit it has been a dull moment, so that’s why mi upload the video to show her say right over weh mi deh, the sun nah shine cause she not there,” he said.

When Spotlight and Macka Diamond went public with their relationship, many persons thought it was a publicity stunt. But, according to Spotlight, there is nothing phony about his feelings for his flame.

“Teeth and tongue have to meet. Show me one relationship that is perfect. Things happen and things get out of control, so right now we just have to take the right measures to bring back things to a calm. Mi have to be the bigger man and do what the bigger man woulda do,” Spotlight said.

“Mi want her to let bygones be bygones. I know what I am supposed to do as a man, and I am going to do it. I’m going to sweep her off her feet because she deserves it. Mi only have one life, and mi have to live it with the right person.”

When THE STAR reached out to Macka, she said that she and Spotlight have not been on speaking terms for at least two weeks, so she was somewhat surprised when she saw him trying to serenade her on the Internet yesterday.

“I really don’t know anything about marriage argument or anything. I just saw the video this morning (yesterday), so I don’t know. We have not spoken for about two weeks now because we have had a few arguments since the video of us arguing was leaked,” she said.

According to Macka, they got into a heated argument after Spotlight accused her of sleeping with a business associate.

Both Macka and Spotlight said that they were surprised when they saw their argument online, as they had no idea they were being recorded by a dancer, who they had given a ride home from an event.

When asked about the status of their relationship, Macka said that she was still uncertain.

“Mi call him after that and tell him say make we talk about it because it never look good, and him was avoiding me and keep on a tell mi him out a town and him no have no time cause him a deal with his career. Him give me one piece a attitude, and two Saturdays ago was the last time we talk, and it was a really nasty argument,” she said.

“Some a di things that he said to me did hurt me bad, so mi just nuh take no more calls from him from that. Him did supposed to come to Canada with me last week, but mi tell the people dem say change of plans and them should not bother buy any tickets for him. I carried my make-up artist instead,” she said.

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