Buju Banton

Buju enjoying his new sex symbol status

Ten years ago, Buju Banton, music aside, was seen as a charming Rastaman with more than his fair share of sex appeal.

However, ever since Buju’s return from prison last December, things have changed.

Buju, the artiste who gave fans the romantic Love Sponge, is now a real-life ‘snack’.

The comments that flood social media hail him as the best thing since sliced bread. The comments dishing on his body are endless and filled with heart emojis.

One social media post said: “Why he so beautiful though goodness. #ready”

“Whewww chile. Dark chocolate, honey and gold skin,” another said.

There are also numerous women who have been expressing their desire to marry the entertainer.

And how exactly is the Gargamel reacting to this elevation to sex-symbol status? He’s loving it.

According to Buju’s co-manager, Donovan Germain, while Buju certainly didn’t expect this type of adoration and adulation from his female fans, he is certainly basking in it.

“He’s enjoying it. Of course, any man would,” Germain said.

In a sort of acknowledgement of the fans crushing over him, Buju has been slowly feeding them with the pictures of himself.

“Sooo, Hi world do I have to post s#$% on here everyday??? Lol,” he asked jokingly in one Instagram post, to which neisha87 promptly replied: “Post all 5 times a day. We nah ask for much.”

In the meantime, Buju Banton has been spending long nights in rehearsals as he prepares to thrill fans on Saturday at his highly anticipated Long Walk To Freedom concert, which will be held at the National Stadium in Kingston.

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