Thursday, 10 January 2019 04:46

Kartel blast DJs for not playing enough songs for the ladies

Vybz Kartel is calling out disc jockeys for not playing enough songs for the ladies at their events.

The incarcerated Dancehall superstar blasted modern DJs online recently while promoting his new single “Boom If Off.”

“From Tony Matterhorn and Richie Feelings stop run di place a bay ‘man dancing’ di woman dem affi a do,” Kartel wrote under a raunchy video. “Mi see all woman a buss blank now like dem a gun gyal ‘over di wall’ you bumbo****. Why you think the girls dem take on the strip clubs and I love Soca from wehday? Think because a deso alone dem can get fi whine up fi 2 – 3 hours straight and just be women.”

Last year Vybz Kartel was named the most-streamed Dancehall entertainer in Jamaica on YouTube with a whopping 25.4 million views.

The self-proclaimed “Worl’ Boss” is gearing up to release his new album with TJ Records this year. Kartel is also waiting verdict in his appeal trial.

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