Thursday, 10 May 2018 12:00

Woman Marries Five Days After Crocodile Bite

Zanele Ndlovu, 25, and Jamie Fox, 27, walked down the aisle of the Mater Dei Hospital chapel in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe to exchange vows nearly five days after the bride-to-be lost her arm in a crocodile attack.

The Telegraph reports the couple was on the Upper Zambezi River Monday (April 30) with a group of canoeists when an eight-foot Nile crocodile bit into their inflatable boat. The reptile clamped down on Ndlovu-Fox’s arm while Fox repeatedly punched the crocodile in the head. She completely lost her arm when the carnivore performed a “death roll.”

“The pain was excruciating but Jamie was by my side and I summoned the strength to fight through it and although he was in shock he calmed me down,” Ndlovu-Fox told the Telegraph.

Ndlovu-Fox was taken to Victoria Falls Hospital and airlifted to the Mater Dei Hospital. Mater Dei doctors amputated what was left of her severed arm, but she remained in high spirits. The love birds planned to have their wedding at the Busters Sports Club in Bulawayo but decided to exchange vows at the hospital chapel instead, calling 60 of their closest friends and relatives.

“I spent a lot of time preparing for my wedding day. I didn’t know that fate would have me being wed in a hospital chapel with one limb missing,” she said.

Although she didn’t get to attend the wedding reception, she was discharged from the hospital a day later.

The newly weds met when Fox was on a work program in Zimbabwe 18-months ago, and were engaged by Valentine’s Day this year. They plan to complete her visa paperwork so she can live in the United Kingdom.

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